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Price List 

One Treatment Area 

Any one treatment area with lipoglaze 

HIFU single small facial area 

Includes one of the following areas eye brows/eye lids, crows feet, forehead  

HIFU Full Face and Neck 


HIFU Face, Jowl, Neck and Decolletage  


HIFU Outer Thighs 

£TBC depending on size 

HIFU Inner arms/bingo wings 

£TBC depending on size 

Two Treatment Areas 

Any two areas treated with lipoglaze 

HIFU medium facial area 

C Includes one of the following areas, double chin, jowl/neck, neck 

HIFU Decolletage 


HIFU Abdomen 

£TBC depending on size 

HIFU Hips 

£TBC depending on size 

HIFU Vaginal Tightening 


Four Treatment Areas 

Any four areas of lipoglaze treatment in any one single session 

HIFU Full Face  


HIFU Half Face, Jowl and Neck 


HIFU Inner Thighs 

£TBC depending on size 

HIFU Buttocks 

£TBC depending on size 
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